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Southwest Regional Water District ("District") is a public water supplier which has established a schedule of rates and charges for the use of the District's services and water resource projects. Unless expressly agreed in advance by the District, all services and goods are provided to its customer on a non-refundable basis and the charges and fees associated with those services or goods are due upon the customer's receipt of a bill for those services or goods.

The District accepts payments from customers in a variety of methods. Some of those payment methods may require you to provide financial or other personal information to third-party payment processors who will use that information to process a payment to the District on your account. The District will not be provided with the financial or other personal information you submit to a third-party payment processor, and the District assumes no responsibility for safeguarding that information. You should review the information concerning Privacy, Refunds, Terms and Conditions provided by the third-party payment processor.

Because the District is a public office under Ohio law, the District is required upon request to make its public records available for inspection and to provide at cost copies of its public records. The District will not otherwise sell or distribute any personal information it receives from customers in connection with payment transactions. As required by Ohio law, the District will collect, maintain, and use only personal information that is necessary and relevant to the functions of the District, and will take reasonable precautions to protect customer personal information collected by the District from unauthorized modification, destruction, use, or disclosure.

Although the District will in a commercially reasonable manner credit to your account the amount of your payment as received by the District, the crediting of that payment is conditioned on completion of any payment transaction in accordance with the rules of your bank, financial institution, card issuer, third-party payment processor, or other third-party payor. If your payment is returned or dishonored for any reason, the District shall reverse the payment credit to your account with the District, and charge your account a late charge, a $20.00 returned payment charge, and any other applicable fees.