Welcome to the Southwest Regional Water District

Thank you for viewing the new website. Our goal is to clearly and logically present information.

Employment Opportunity 
The District is currently accepting applications for the position of Troubleshooter 2 & System Maintenance I. Please visit our employment page for more details.

Photo Contest
What do you see when you look at the utility responsible for your drinking water? The District wants to see through your eyes how you view your water utility. We are holding a photo contest to showcase what water means to customers and how the District delivers safe and reliable drinking water. If your photo is featured in a District communication, you will receive a $50 credit on your water account.

This photo contest will provide the District with images to use freely in its calendar, newsletter, website, and social media. Contestants agree to release their photographs for use by the District.

  • Photos must be taken within the District's service area
  • Participants must be an active customer of the District
  • Photos must be in a digital, high-resolution format
  • The deadline to submit photos is October 31, 2022
  • Photos must be submitted digitally to swrwd@swwater.org
Capture those vibrant moments, express what water service means to you, and be rewarded for doing so!

Annual Hydrant Flushing Program
The District will be flushing hydrants in Madison and Wayne townships during the months of August and September.  

Wayne Township: including the Village of Jacksonburg and all roads served by the District in Wayne Township.

Madison Township: including the Communities of West Middletown, Poast Town, and all roads served by the District in Madison Township.

District customers may notice some discoloration in their water during the flushing period and are advised to check the water before washing clothes or for use in cooking or consumption. Customers may also notice some reduction in water pressure as the hydrants are flushed. This will be a temporary condition and normal pressure should be restored in a short period. If the discoloration or lower water pressure continues please call the District at 863-0828 or 1-800-232-5330.

Butler County Sewer Rate Increase
A number of our customers are provided public sewer service through Butler County. The Board of County Commissioners recently approved a 3.0% increase to sewer rates effective June 1, 2022, and a subsequent 3.0% increase effective January 1, 2023. This rate increase is not an increase in water rates enacted by the District.  The District is only the billing agent for Butler County and remits your sewer payment back to Butler County.  For questions about the sewer rate increase, please contact Butler County Water and Sewer Department at 513-887-3066. For more information about this rate increase, click on the link to the resolution below.  

The monthly impact to customer’s sewer bills will be approximately $0.65 in 2022 and another $0.67 in 2023, based upon 5,000 gallons per month.

Butler County Rate Increase Resolution

Butler County Rate Tables

Account Numbers Have Changed
The District recently completed the implementation of a new billing system. All customers have been assigned a new account number as a result of the new system. Account numbers are now eight digits. To locate your new account number, look in the top right corner of your most recent bill. 

Estimated Bills - What is an Estimated Bill and Why Do They Happen?

Your billing statement indicates whether your bill is an actual bill or an estimated bill. An estimated bill will state “Water Estimated” in the description. When bills are estimated, the billing software uses a system-generated average based on the previous 12 months of consumption. When the meter is then actually read, an adjustment is made to account for the estimate, and that adjustment will show up in the description with the message “Estimate Adjustment”.

Bills can be estimated for a variety of reasons. Meters are read using radio transmission equipment and occasionally a reading will fail to be transmitted or received. Weather can cause us to fail to be able to read a route or can cause poor data transmission. Software updates to the radio transmitting devices have resulted in a higher volume of estimated meter readings. At the end of 2020, 99.3% of our meter readings were actual. After we apply the software updates to the affected radio transmitting devices, we hope to return to our previous meter reading rate.

When a meter registers more than two consecutive estimated readings for which we have no explanation, we will send out staff to troubleshoot the reading device and make a repair. To be clear, this issue only involves the reading technology, not the accuracy of the meter.

Mission Statement

To reliably provide affordable, high quality water to all customers by developing and retaining exceptional staff.

Vision Statement

The Southwest Regional Water District Team will continue to develop and sustain the ability to deliver plentiful, high quality water for future generations while remaining customer focused.